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  • June 7, 2021

Mobile only strategy from Google: Almost every second craft website is not ready

As of April 2021, half of craft business websites could disappear from relevant Google search results. In the future, the search engine will rely on the mobile only strategy. If a website is not optimized accordingly, it slips far behind in the search results.



Many craft businesses affected

According to Google, more than half of all users use a mobile device to search. That is why the company has been focusing on the usability of a website on smartphones, tablets and co. For a number of years with the Mobile First approach. However, from April 2021 it will be pursuing a new strategy: Mobile Only! This also applies to the pages of craft businesses, of which, according to experts, around half will register negative effects. The search engine rates pages that are not optimized accordingly. As a result, they slide back in the search results and the likelihood that users will land on them decreases.